Dr. Josef Steiner
The Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Foundation

The Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Research Foundation Award 2013

Application Guidelines

The Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Foundation announces that it is accepting applications for the 2013 Cancer Research Award. The award consists of financial support for a cancer-related research project in the maximal amount of CHF 1'000'000.- over four years and, in addition, a personal prize in the amount of CHF 50'000.- awarded to the successful principal investigator. The award and price will be presented to the successful candidate in October 2013 at a public ceremony at the University of Bern, Switzerland.

With this award it is the intent of the Dr. Josef Steiner Cancer Foundation to support an outstanding project by an innovative investigator early in her or his carrier. Projects in both basic research and clinical investigations (translational research) are eligible. The award money may be used for salaries of project co-investigators or staff, equipment and any other costs related to the project. The funds cannot be used to support the salary of the principal investigator. The applicant must provide evidence of his professional affiliation and current position as well as of the availability of the infrastructure needed to carry out the proposed project.

The award money is provided in four annual instalments. The Foundation makes the last three payments conditional upon submission of a yearly progress report. Representatives of the Foundation may visit the research group once during the four-year award period. Under no circumstances can the support be extended beyond four years. The Foundation expects written acknowledgments of its support on all reports published.

Evaluation Procedure

The evaluation for the 2013 Prize will take place in three steps. Candidates must first submit a project outline on the official application forms which can be downloaded from www.steinerstiftung.unibe.ch. The completed application and requested documents must be submitted to the president of the Foundation by e-mail with a single attached PDF file. The applications will then be evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Board of the Foundation. The applicants of the best five to six submissions will be invited to submit a detailed research project. These projects will again be evaluated by the Scientific Advisory Board with the additional help of outside referees. The short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview. The final decision on the successful applicant will be made on the recommendation of the Scientific Advisory Board by the Council of the Foundation.

Deadline for submission of the project outline: March 31st 2012.

The five to six successful applicants will be notified by the Foundation not later than June 30th 2012.

Deadline for submission of detailed research project: August 31st 2012.

The interviews will take place in January, 2013 in Bern, Switzerland.

The Prize Winner will be notified by the Foundation not later than January 31st 2013. The research work should start between February and December 2013.

The Prize will be awarded at the official ceremony at the University of Bern, October 2013.